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The Greller Gallery & The McNay Art Museum: Art to the Power of Ten

The Greller Gallery is thrilled to be partnering with San Antonio Mayor Ron and Erika Nirenberg in support of the seventh annual Art to the Power of Ten (APT) event on Friday, September 22nd from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at the McNay Art Museum located at 6000 North New Braunfels. 

“We are proud to partner with The Greller Gallery and their long-standing commitment to animals and the environment.  This point of view is paramount in our society’s identity.  How we engage with the natural world will define our time.  And, there is no stronger or more common interaction we currently have as a model than that of human beings and their pets.” - Mayor Ron and Erika Nirenberg

This will be the second year The Greller Gallery participates in the APT event, which is organized by the McNay Contemporary Collectors Forum (MCCF), an affiliate membership group that supports contemporary art at the McNay and builds bridges between the Museum and San Antonio's vibrant art community. Funds raised at APT are spent roughly one month after, at the annual View & Vote event. MCCF members select from among a group of works presented by the Head of Curatorial Affairs, and the winning object is added to the Museum’s collection.

Andrew and Faryl Greller launched The Greller Gallery in 2014 with the mission to engage the public with art that highlights the beauty of our planet and its inhabitants. They are committed to supporting local and national artists whose work strengthens non-profits dedicated to various animal and environmental causes.  To meet these ambitious goals, The Greller Gallery holds four exhibitions a year providing visitors an opportunity to enjoy many different types of art, while always showcasing the important work of non-profit organizations.

In support of the upcoming APT event, the Greller’s met with the Nirenberg’s to review and discuss a variety of art that will be on display at the Greller Gallery booth.  Below are the Mayor and first Lady's impressions from that meeting: 

Being long-standing pet parents, what we like about The Greller Gallery P10 exhibit is that it highlights the complexity of the relationship between humans and their animals. 
Starting with Louis Trevino, we were immediately drawn to the long standing idea that, over time, people become a reflection of their animals.  They become like our shadows, a mirror image of who we are as individuals and, sometimes, as a society who is often confronted with the decision of whether to value, or not value, an animal’s life.  We found his pieces very soothing at first, but over time, they prompted some heavy thinking.
Carla Veliz’s pieces took us in a more literal direction:  how pets illuminate our lives.  To us, her beautifully detailed mosaics were like a beacon calling us home to the comfort and reliability that our animals give us.  They are a modern day lighthouse with clear reminders of that deep, joyous love.
Next, there is Allison Gregory.  Her collages, to us, are fun, eclectic, and complex - the truest definition of the relationships we have with our pets.  The art tells a story using a visual scrapbook of sorts, marrying hundreds of pieces of memorabilia to create a sense of place and emotion.  The more we explored her pieces, the more nuanced the details.  In many ways, that’s how we feel about our animals – the more we know them, the more layered they become.
Finally there is Paige Holland’s work, which to us is very much like a modern day spirit animal quest.  The fantasy and the exaltation of nature, while whimsical, also feels grounded by the sheer connection that her animal subjects share with you.  They are looking at you with thought, with equality, and with dignity.  It is a reminder that Mother Nature is our partner, not our kingdom, in this world.

To learn more about The Greller Gallery or have questions, please contact Faryl Greller at

Calling all contemporary art lovers! For one night only, this seventh annual fundraising event supports the McNay’s contemporary art collection. Bring cash, checkbooks, and credit cards to purchase art on-site from ten Texas galleries and arts organizations. Enjoy live music, with appetizers and specialty cocktails by Bohanan's Prime Steaks & Seafood, Peggy's on the Green, and the San Antonio Cocktail Conference.

Admission per person is $50 in advance | $65 at the door. Dress: Casual Attire.

Catering generously donated by Bohanan's Prime Steaks & Seafood, Peggy's on the Green, and the San Antonio Cocktail Conference.All proceeds benefit the McNay’s acquisition fund for contemporary art. 

For more information, call 210.805.1722 or visit 

A​BOUT The Greller Gallery Featured Artists at P10 Event:

Allison Gregory (

Allison was born in San Antonio, Texas, and picked up her first paintbrush at the age of 5. Her passion and interest in art proved to be integral in her creative process. This drive and inspiration led her to California, where she earned two degrees, graduating with honors, in Studio Art and Design. Two months after returning to Texas, Allison had her first exhibition. The success of the show, and the press generated from the event, paved the way for future opportunities. With the new galleries that were representing her, she was introduced to collectors from all over the globe, and had a steady stream of commissions. Her first international show was held in Holland at the age of 25. Through the last decade, Allison has participated in 102 exhibitions to date (Including major art fairs), interviewed on television, had her work reviewed in magazines, newspapers, and books, while working with prestigious galleries from all over the world. In addition to her career in art, she has also been involved in numerous public art projects for non-profit. Past events events have included Gibson’s Guitar Town, the world renowned CowParade, and most recently “Paws for a PURR-pose”, the first ever statewide, public art project. This was especially noteworthy being the lead artist and founder of the event (Paws being her “brain-child”). In these three projects alone, her work has raised over a half of a million dollars for non-profit’s and charitable organizations such as the Dell Children’s Cancer Hospital, Texas Humane Legislation Network for the Animals, Austin Children’s Museum and Juvenile Diabetes.

Various side projects have involved partnering with several companies all over the world, that specialize in reproducing art for luxury home accessories. From high-end glass ware, coffee table bowls, animal figurines, shower curtains, iPhones and iPads, her art is everywhere! “Persistence is key”, the motto Allison adheres to most, has proven to be integral in her success, and her work has evolved and matured into sophisticated “eye candy”. She lives and works in Austin, Texas.

Louis Vega Trevino (

Louis's painting reflects a deep understanding of historical precedents. Without any derivative step, he has built upon a number of important, painterly languages to evolve a style that is instantly recognizable as uniquely his own. Trevino's painting recalls not only the atmospheric color fields of Mark Rothko and Julies Olitski, but also that indeterminate margin where color field interests merge with the geometric and optical abstraction of Gene Davis and Richard Anuszkiewicz. It is in that margin that Trevino's work finds its form, an area once explored by Morris Louis and which Trevino's color-charged compositions have revived and redefined. Trevino's painting is something of a paradox: balancing cool analysis with a hot pursuit of color relationships in which he blurs the distinction between color, line and form such that those elements seem to merge and deconstruct in an astonishing blend of earthy umbers, orchids and sienna's deployed against jewel-like hues that are only primary in relation to one another. Trevino's daring approach to color relations breaks new ground in the history of colorists, a tradition in which he is rapidly establishing a secure and intriguing position."

Carla Veliz (

Born in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico, Carla Veliz creates works of unselfconscious passion. She moved to San Antonio in 1992 to be an art director at an advertising agency and later became that agency’s Creative Director. She married Richard Veliz in 1997; at his urging, her artistic passion was reignited and she began a career as a full time artist. Carla’s paintings are visually intriguing and conceptually engaging. They speak to the human experience and are influenced by the events that have shaped her life. Her figurative paintings particularly cause us to identify with the work either through recognizing ourselves or someone else in the subject. Her abstracts speak of deep emotion, but always with an undercurrent of happiness. Even her darkest works are painted with such freedom that the joy of creativity underlines the subject matter, no matter how tormented they may appear on the surface. She strives to make her world a better place, sowing seeds of optimism and encouragement. Exhibiting her work since the age of ten; Carla was only fifteen when she won a statewide art competition in Coahuila and was commissioned to create a mural for a local business. Speaking nothing but Spanish, she then went to the Art Institute of Houston, where over the course of her studies, she taught herself English. Carla works with a variety of materials that add texture beneath and atop the painted surfaces. The incorporation of text imbues each painting with a specific theme on which to meditate. Constantly pushing her limits, Carla is a multi-talented artist whose body of work includes painting, sculpture with glass and LED lights, performance, photography and multi-media works with video components. Carla has grown and matured as an artist, now receiving commissions from collectors and businesses alike. Her work has been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally. Veliz currently lives and works out of her studio in San Antonio, Texas.

Paige Holland (

“I feel like we've been finding our way back to the Garden of Eden, and I enjoy remapping it . I am happy discovering the great and the good , calling it forward and figuring out what's next. Art can feed people, and like food, everyone has their favorites. Sometimes my service is translating people's own vision for them in their homes in the form of murals or commission paintings. I experience life as a productive, fruitful, ever-enriching present and future. Painting gardens and critters of species known and unknown, full of interconnecting, variable realignments and harmonious connections begin to convey the movement I sense about life. I hope it feeds you." - Paige


“The Greller Gallery's mission is to engage the public with art that highlights the beauty of our planet and its
people. We are committed to supporting local and national artists whose work supports
non-profits dedicated to animal and environmental causes.”
– Dr. Andrew and Faryl Greller

The goal of The Greller Gallery is to inspire and educate people through art on topics related to animal care, animal safety, animal adoption, therapy/military service animals, environmental safety, water conservation and land preservation.

We take this challenge on with a positive attitude, mixed with high energy and commitment to meaningful change for the animal kingdom and our shared environment. We do this through hosting quarterly art exhibitions, lectures and school workshops. In 2017, we hope to add a documentary series to our service portfolio as well.

The Greller Over the past two and half years, we have raised over $30,000 for non-profits that make a difference in our world including Bat Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, Wayward Whiskers, SNIPSA, Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Orangutan Foundation, San Antonio Humane Society -- and more.

We have also had the pleasure to work with a variety of talented artists that share our passion such as Dante Fenelio, MoMo and Pompa Brown, Heather Gauthier, SAY Si Artist Students, Carla Veliz, Yvette Shadrock, Pamela Ortiz Swart, Paige Holland, Antonia Richardson and John Bramblitt.

The Greller Gallery is located on the second floor at the Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center (VREC) at 503 E. Sonterra Blvd. VREC is a 19,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility that provides specialized care in veterinary ophthalmology, surgery, internal medicine, oncology, critical care, physical rehabilitation, radiology (on-site ultrasound, CT and MRI) and neurology.

We believe that art serves as good medicine within hospital centers because it comforts, elevates the spirit and affirms hope. Dr. Andrew Greller’s practice, South Texas Veterinary Ophthalmology, is located within VREC and right next to the gallery. Dr. Greller and his wife, Faryl, believe art within a health care setting, combined with outstanding medical care, creates an ambiance that encourages healing.

The Greller Gallery is open to the public with viewing hours Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Faryl Greller, Curator, via email at or phone at 210.262.2727

The Greller Gallery is always looking for new artists, corporate sponsors and non-profit organizations to help strengthen their mission.
If interested in joining forces on future exhibitions and projects, please contact Faryl Greller, curator of the gallery, at or 210.262.2727