“I don’t write a lot of reviews so I’m not quite sure how this is supposed to go. I’ve sat, thought, and watched my baby boy since his last check-up with Dr. Greller and the ENTIRE team at STVO. His initial consultation was on Oct 5th 2021, surgery on Oct 18th 2021- and follow-up on Nov 2nd 2021. Since then, I have interacted with the entire STVO team – from the professionals who answered the phone, to the techs who checked us in and greeted us, to the Drs. who performed and consulted on the procedure. Everyone gave their all to the complete well-being of my family member. Not only did they give him the utmost care -they took care of me…from my nervous laughter to my WAY too many awkward and ill-timed questions. At one point Dr. Greller said (and yes I’m quoting) “ I have two patients here – you and him – and I’m going to make sure both are taken care of.” *Insert ugly crying* He was professional-straightforward-honest-and forthcoming on the good AND the bad. He even brought in another Dr to give a second opinion at the initial consultation (who was also stellar). What I didn’t expect was the level of actual concern and interaction between the accompanying professionals (front staff, vet techs, surgical nurses) and my boy. From remembering his name, to knowing his quirks, and seeing him through the same family lens we all see our own babies through. My boy had a very technical problem, and I was made aware of a timeline of what could happen (a year out) and how to address it should it reoccur. We are a few months in and so far so good (knock on wood) but if a problem arises (which as I said I was made aware of pre-surgery could possibly arise ) I know EXACTLY who I will return to-and EXACTLY the reasons why.”

– Client: Leatha and pet: Anubis Gorman

“I don’t even know where to begin…Dr. Greller and his staff are truly wonderful. They are professional, passionate, caring, loving, and extremely knowledgeable. They make you and your fur baby feel like family from the second you arrive. It means so much to us to be able to have a doctor and staff that we can 1000% trust with our husky, Lola. They have made our journey with glaucoma so much easier. I cannot say enough good things about STVO. They are the best of the best. We adore them.”

– Client: Lauren, Alvaro and pet Lola

“South Texas Veterinary Ophthalmology (STVO) means so much to us. From the wonderful staff to the amazing Dr. Greller, we are super happy with this facility and its staff. Our doxie, Cookie, suffers from Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca OD in the right eye. Sounds scary, but it is a dry eye that if not continually treated will end with the eye drying out and going blind. We are into our third year of treating Cookie’s eye and keeping it as healthy as possible under the direction of Dr. Greller. He assures us EVERY time we have an appointment that we are doing a great job, makes the medications required available to us as needed, and reminds us there is a possible surgical option available as well. Oh, did I mention we moved to another state and still drive to STVO once a year to see this group of terrific people who continue to treat us with the utmost respect and care. And medications? (have you met wonderful Brittany) they refill any medications we need and mail to us overnight with ice packs to keep them at the required chilled temperature since we are out of state. You might ask why not see another ophthalmic specialist closer to where we live. WE DID! And they cannot provide the compounded medications we get from STVO. We tried their meds which proved to be not as effective. We include our visit to TX with a stop to see our grandchildren in Austin. Dr. Greller has even offered to refer us to an ophthalmic specialist in Austin. No thank you! We want to stick with what works and where we feel most comfortable. Many thanks to Dr. Greller and his staff and many times over. And if you go to STVO, make sure you ask to see his son’s artwork on display in the patient rooms!”

– Client: Randy, Terry and pet Cookie

“STVO’s medical staff took their time to explain the process of the visual examination as well as any preliminary tests to determine suitability for cataract surgery. They were friendly and professional. Dr. Fritz was timely and thoroughly explained Lucy’s condition and educating me on how to keep her eyes healthy with supplements. We were blessed that she requires no further surgery and are confident that if Lucy needed further eye care, we would bring her back.”

– Client: Pattie and pet Lucy

“It is very easy for me to refer my clients with their pets to Dr. Greller for three very good reasons. First, he is an outstanding veterinary ophthalmologist, so I know that my clients’ pets will get the best care possible for their eyes. Secondly, he is a person who relates well to people and makes them feel that their pets are in good hands. I have not had a single pet owner that I referred to him that was not very pleased with him or the results he obtained for their pets. And finally, his report back to me is timely and very complete, so I always know exactly what was wrong with my patient and how it was treated.”

– Veterinarian: Dr. Dan Meadows, Pets First Veterinary Center

“Thank you so much for taking care of our fur baby during the COVID-19 pandemic – easy to schedule, well organized, quick, efficient and excellent service! Most importantly, detailed explanations of procedures and results by the vet techs and Dr. Fritz. We will definitely be returning for follow-ups and bringing our other puppers for their eye checkups too. 5 stars!”

– Client: John and Nancy Puig

“Dr. Greller is very enthusiastic, and from a skill standpoint, he’s excellent. If one of my dogs needed cataract surgery, I’d go to Dr. Greller. I trust him, both professionally and personally.”

– Veterinarian: Dr. Neelesh Narurkar, Austin Highway Animal Hospital

“I am so thankful to have Dr. Greller here in town when I need to refer a difficult ophthalmology case. While he is professional and respectful to my patients and their owners, he is also kind and patient and takes the time to explain the pet’s eye problem and the treatment options available. He is even willing to take the time to explain complicated cases to me and teach me about new treatment options.”

– Veterinarian: Dr. Kari McGlothlin, Cibolo Canyons Veterinary Hospital

“Guide Dogs of Texas is proud to call Dr. Greller and STVO our friend. I can attest to the remarkable levels of expertise, execution, and caring that we only find at STVO. Every guide dog in training in our program receives free eye exams from STVO to make sure they will be able to safely guide someone who is blind. I addition to using STVO for our guide dogs in training, our staff, volunteers, and guide dog owners never have to think about who to call for eye care when their dog is in need. The STVO staff is exceptional, the T shirts are funny, and the art on the walls as you walk in will often make your jaw drop. The recently featured artist John Bramblett has had two guide dogs provided by us at Guide Dogs of Texas. The gallery, which is run by Dr. Greller’s wife gives back to the community, and has helped us support our mission to provide more desperately needed guide dogs. The Greller’s kindness and generosity is unwavering. On a more personal note, when my beloved Akita-Chow-mystery mix developed glaucoma, Dr. Greller was a pillar of support and I cannot imagine better care being available anywhere in the world.”

– Client & Gallery Benefactor: Sandy, CEO Guide Dogs of Texas

“One morning the left eye of my dog, Churchill, was swollen shut, and he was in great pain. I rushed him to my veterinarian where he was diagnosed with a cataract of the eye. This is a very uncommon condition for a 3-year old dog; Our veterinarian recommended Dr. Greller to oversee Churchill’s treatment. I was very fortunate to have found Dr. Greller — with his knowledge and skill of Churchill’s condition, he was able to operate and save his eye. Today, Churchill is a healthy dog with vision in both eyes. The most important aspect of Dr. Greller’s practice was his bedside manner with Churchill, and his nervous owner! He always treated Churchill with great care and interest, but most importantly, he made me feel at ease. He always kept me informed, and he kept Churchill calm. I thank kind Dr. Greller every time I look into Churchill’s deep brown eyes.”

– Client, Linda and pet, Churchill

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Greller in terms of his talents and kindness. I have a female 12- year-old Yorkshire terrier, who has had an on-and-off eye problem for several years. I kept taking her to my veterinarian regarding her red eyes, and he didn’t seem too concerned. I finally asked him for a referral to an eye specialist, and was given the name of Dr. Greller. I made an appointment and found him to be not only very professional, but also kind and patient with both my dog and myself. After Dr. Greller examined her thoroughly, he took the time to explain his diagnosis in a manner that I could understand. He then prescribed the eye medicine that I needed to give her, with detailed instructions on its application. He felt that the medicine would relieve the problem, but that I would need to continue giving the medicine longterm in order to keep it under control. His parting comment to me before I left was to not hesitate to call him if I had any further problems or questions.”

– Client, Marilyn and proud owner of Yorkshire Terrier’s

“My veterinarian highly recommended Dr. Greller when our dog, Meggie, had advanced cataracts. During my initial visit, Dr. Greller was honest and factual in a way that I could understand. He presented the pros and cons of surgery for Meggie, listened to my concerns, and reassured me that she was in no pain. He was kind, gentle, and supportive to whatever I would ultimately decide in the best interest of our dog. We decided to treat Meggie with medical therapy and she is doing great now. Every time we have a check-up with Dr. Greller, I am reassured that my pet is in the best care possible.”

– Client, Carolyn and pet, Maggie

“I have known STVO for about three years now and the experience with them has been absolutely wonderful. The complex cases that we see is really important that we get to the right diagnosis very quickly. Sending them to STVO is great about getting them in quickly, efficiently and also diagnosing the problem and making sure the owners and pets are both well taken care of.”

– Veterinarian: Dr. Mallory DiRosa, Lincoln Heights Animal Hospital

“The feedback that I have received from my clients is very positive in that the doctors at STVO speak in common language and make visual explanations of what their pets procedure might be – surgically or medically. My clients all leave fully understanding what’s going on with their pet and I think that is very important.”

– Veterinarian: Dr. Steve Rapp, Boerne Veterinary Clinic

“I don’t know what I would do without STVO. Everyone from the receptionist to the technicians to the doctors have been very good at communicating with us and being very helpful. We receive progress reports regularly on all of our patients that continue to see the doctors at STVO. We have been really happy with their service.”

– Veterinarian: Dr. David Fernandez, Stone Oak Veterinary Clinic

“My dog is a cocker spaniel, who is a performance dog. Last year, we were trying to go to nationals and needed points, but he could not keep the bars up. I noticed there was some clouding in his left eye. I took him to my regular veterinarian and he looked in his eye and immediately said he has cataracts and referred me to STVO. He was only 5 years old at the time and I wanted him to keep performing agility so we had to do the surgery. The staff at STVO were phenomenal and took great care of him. We just came back for his one year check up and perfect! His eye is perfect.”

– Client: Pet Owner of Odie

“Our dog, Lucy, had developed some opaqueness and had fibers that were settling on her left eye. It was really irritating her. She had discharge, her eye was swollen and she was scratching it all the time. After seeing our general veterinarian and trying one medication, he referred us to STVO. Dr. Greller was able to treat Lucy with just medication and she is now doing very well. After the first 2-3 weeks, you could tell she had relief and limited swelling and the discharge had completely stopped. Today, she continues to do really good!”

– Client: Pet Owner of Lucy

“When I leave an ophthalmology CE, I always have nugget to take with me. When you can go back to your practice and have something that you can specifically change or do different or add – that is really what CE’s are about for me. The STVO CE’s always give me something to add to help enhance my practice.”

– Veterinarian: Dr. Jamie Milios Fehlis, Cibolo Canyons Veterinary Hospital

“Outstanding visit and I can see the progress our pet (Odie) has made. I greatly appreciate the detailed progress report and instructions, and I look forward to meeting Dr. Greller in person after the pandemic is over. Thank you!”

– Client: R, Derrick Richardson and his pet Odie