Dr. Greller and Dr. Wagner’s referring veterinarians and clients attest to the excellent care and customer service that he provides.

Dr. Dan Meadows, Pets First Veterinary Center:

“It is very easy for me to refer my clients with their pets to Dr. Greller for three very good reasons. First, he is an outstanding veterinary ophthalmologist, so I know that my clients’ pets will get the best care possible for their eyes. Secondly, he is a person who relates well to people and makes them feel that their pets are in good hands. I have not had a single pet owner that I referred to him that was not very pleased with him or the results he obtained for their pets. And finally, his report back to me is timely and very complete, so I always know exactly what was wrong with my patient and how it was treated.”

Dr. Neelesh Narurkar, Austin Highway Animal Hospital:

“Dr. Greller is very enthusiastic, and from a skill standpoint, he’s excellent. If one of my dogs needed cataract surgery, I’d go to Dr. Greller. I trust him, both professionally and personally.”

Client Dayla and Randell Hall:

“Dr. Wagner, Thank you for the way you have been taking care of Maddie (since we live far away). Your kindness and generosity is hard to fine. We appreciate in more than words can explain.”

Randall T. Heflin:

“I just saw the piece on CNN about the blind puppy. As a dog lover this was great. I have a new hero – and her name is Dr Wagner.”

Dr. Kari McGlothlin, Cibolo Canyons Veterinary Hospital:

“I am so thankful to have Dr. Greller here in town when I need to refer a difficult ophthalmology case. While he is professional and respectful to my patients and their owners, he is also kind and patient and takes the time to explain the pet’s eye problem and the treatment options available. He is even willing to take the time to explain complicated cases to me and teach me about new treatment options.”

Client Linda Uzdavines:

“One morning the left eye of my dog, Churchill, was swollen shut, and he was in great pain. I rushed him to my veterinarian, Dr. Dan Meadows, where he was diagnosed with a cataract of the eye. This is a very uncommon condition for a 3-yearold dog; Dr. Meadows recommended Dr. Greller to oversee Churchill’s treatment. I was very fortunate to have found Dr. Greller — with his knowledge and skill of Churchill’s condition, he was able to operate and save his eye. Today, Churchill is a healthy dog with vision in both eyes. The most important aspect of Dr. Greller’s practice was his bedside manner with Churchill, and his nervous owner! He always treated Churchill with great care and interest, but most importantly, he made me feel at ease. He always kept me informed, and he kept Churchill calm. I thank kind Dr. Greller every time I look into Churchill’s deep brown eyes.”

Client Leigh Pilkington (summary from phone call):

“We cannot say enough great things about how Dakota’s diagnosis was caught, spot-on, by Dr. Wagner. Our regular veterinarian was thinking Dakota’s eye situation was cataract related, and here it was discovered by Dr. Wagner that it was actually a brain tumor. If it had not been for Dr. Wagner, our dog would not have been seen by Texas A&M the very next day. Dakota is already starting radiation and I cannot thank Dr. Wagner enough - she is simply fabulous.”

Client Marilyn Train:

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Greller in terms of his talents and kindness. I have a female 12-year-old Yorkshire terrier, who has had an on-and-off eye problem for several years. I kept taking her to my veterinarian regarding her red eyes, and he didn’t seem too concerned. I finally asked him for a referral to an eye specialist, and was given the name of Dr. Greller. I made an appointment and found him to be not only very professional, but also kind and patient with both my dog and myself. After Dr. Greller examined her thoroughly, he took the time to explain his diagnosis in a manner that I could understand. He then prescribed the eye medicine that I needed to give her, with detailed instructions on its application. He felt that the medicine would relieve the problem, but that I would need to continue giving the medicine longterm in order to keep it under control. His parting comment to me before I left was to not hesitate to call him if I had any further problems or questions.”

Client Brenda:

“I want to give Dr. Wagner a HIGH FIVE! Her compassion brought tears to my eyes concerning Danny dog's cataract surgery. I saw the TV news clip on line about Danny's cataract removal surgery. Please let Dr. Wagner know her compassion for animals brought a huge smile on my face. Please tell her to keep up the great work! Danny is a very special dog and I know he will find a good home. I thank Dr. Wagner for fixing Danny's eyes. She will be the vet I will seek if our beloved dogs ever need specialized eye care.”

Client Carolyn Rose:

“My veterinarian highly recommended Dr. Greller when our dog, Meggie, had advanced cataracts. During my initial visit, Dr. Greller was honest and factual in a way that I could understand. He presented the pros and cons of surgery for Meggie, listened to my concerns, and reassured me that she was in no pain. He was kind, gentle, and supportive to whatever I would ultimately decide in the best interest of our dog. We decided to treat Meggie with medical therapy and she is doing great now. Every time we have a check-up with Dr. Greller, I am reassured that my pet is in the best care possible.”